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Our foster care programs are designed to affect a positive transformation in the lives of at-risk children. Beginning with education, we empower potential foster parents to provide a loving and secure environment for these children. Our trained and experienced staff members support children and families throughout their journey together.

Foster Family

Foster Parent Qualifications

There is a deep personal satisfaction that comes from providing a stable and nurturing environment to a child. Here are the general qualifications necessary to become a foster parent:

  •  – Be at least 25 years old
  •  – Successfully pass a background check
  •  – Must be able to monitor foster children when they’re not in school or a supervised activity
  •  – Be free of transmittable diseases, illnesses, or disability that would endanger the child or impede their care
  •  – Be trained in CPR, first aid, and water rescue 

Characteristics of Successful Foster Parents

Parents who are interested in foster care are generally empathetic and nurturing individuals. Prospective parents must also possess adaptability and patience during trying circumstances, as well as excellent listening skills.

Minimum Home Study Requirements

Foster homes must comply with local and state regulations regarding zoning, building, fire, and safety codes. Foster care homes must be clean, in good repair, and free of all hazardous conditions and materials.

To Become A Foster Parent:


You’ll attend an orientation and complete a prospect questionnaire.


Following orientation, you’ll apply to become a foster parent.


You’ll participate in 20 hours of foster care or adoption PRIDE training.


A social worker will determine whether your home meets the requirements. 


You’ll be screened for any communicable diseases or illnesses.


You’ll receive a certificate of approval. Congratulations, you’re a foster parent!

If you’d like more information about becoming a foster parent, contact us today!
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