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Our foster care programs are designed to affect a positive transformation in the lives of at-risk children. Beginning with education, we empower potential foster parents to provide a loving and secure environment for these children. Our trained and experienced staff members support children and families throughout their journey together.

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Foster Parent Qualifications

There is a deep personal satisfaction that comes from providing a stable and nurturing environment to a child. Here are the general qualifications necessary to become a foster parent:

  • Must be a minimum of 18 years old
  • Must provide a valid California driver license
  • Must provide a copy of your DMV printout on a yearly basis
  • Maintain and provide proof of auto insurance
  • Pass a basic physical exam and test negative for TB or a clear chest x-ray
  • Must be willing to submit fingerprints to the Department of Justice , FBI, Child Abuse Index, Local law Enforcement, Megan Law, and criminal background clearance. (everyone in the home 18 yrs or older must finger print and clear a TB screening)
  • Provide source of income
  • Must have current CPR/1st Aid certificate.
  • Water safety training is required for all certified homes with a pool.

Characteristics of Successful Foster Parents

Parents who are interested in foster care are generally empathetic and nurturing individuals. Prospective parents must also possess adaptability and patience during trying circumstances, as well as excellent listening skills.

Minimum Home Study Requirements

Foster homes must comply with local and state regulations regarding zoning, building, fire, and safety codes. Foster care homes must be clean, in good repair, and free of all hazardous conditions and materials.

To Become A Foster Parent:


Attend orientation and complete Child welfare background check (No CPS history)


Complete resource family application


Background clearance (DOJ, FBI, CACI)


Complete Foster parent training which includes; Trauma informed care, medication training, CPR/First Aid, SIDS/Safe Sleep Training (Required when working with children 0-4 years)


Health screen report (Basic physical and TB)


RFA Home study approval

If you’d like more information about becoming a foster parent, contact us today!
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